My trip to Iceland / Mi viaje a Islandia

Voyage, voyage

Iceland - Quiero ser como yo, Alba Trujillo   It seems like when it comes to choose the next holiday destination, nobody thinks about visiting such a cold and distant land. That experience seems to be reserved for the tv documentaries, isn’t it? Therefore, when a friend of mine asked me to join her into an amazing trip to Iceland, I did not hesitate for a second as it would be an incredible opportunity to observe the Northern Lights, among other things. I could not imagine what sort of landscapes/experiences would I find there, so the night before flying to this stunning country I could not sleep because I was very excited!  I hope you enjoy going through this long but carefully pics’ selection. Hope they won’t disappoint you! Iceland - Quiero ser como yo, Alba Trujillo

We only could visit the South-West of the island because we stayed there just four journeys.  Our first tour was to the Golden Circle. There were incredible géisers. 🙂 (Hot water boiling in the earth thanks to the volcanic activity).

Iceland - Quiero ser como yo, Alba Trujillo

Iceland - Quiero ser como yo, Alba Trujillo Iceland-147 Iceland-146 Iceland-145

That was the most impressive géiser: 

Iceland-144 Iceland-143 Iceland-142 Iceland-141 Iceland-140 Iceland 1 - Quiero ser como yo, Alba Trujillo

Then we found this wonderful waterfalls

Iceland - Quiero ser como yo, Alba Trujillo

(Was pretty difficult to go down this stairs as they were frozen and very slippery! To go up is another story).

Iceland - Quiero ser como yo, Alba Trujillo Iceland - Quiero ser como yo, Alba Trujillo     Iceland - Quiero ser como yo, Alba Trujillo   Iceland - Quiero ser como yo, Alba Trujillo Iceland - Quiero ser como yo, Alba Trujillo Iceland - Quiero ser como yo, Alba Trujillo Iceland - Quiero ser como yo, Alba Trujillo   Iceland-126

Here you can see two continental plates, they have become very obvius after an earthquake.


When we started the excursion we were located in the European side and we finished crossing to the American Icelandic side.


(Still in Europe)Iceland-123

Iceland-121 Iceland-120

This is the American side, and there is a huge lake…


Can you find the houses? 🙂


We slept in the capital, Reykjavík, and I found a couple of Banksy art works:

Iceland-116 Iceland-115 Iceland-114

That one was very very very small, I made it big by cropping the image so you can see it better:


The city of Reykjavík has got the same land extension than Barcelona city has, but only 150k (ish) of people are leaving there.


The small houses with panelled walls painted in funny colours is very typical from this city.

What I will never understand is why, many times in almost all cities all over the world, they don’t build the newest buildings looking all the same, so they can preserve a traditional architecture that defines and shapes the local culture.

Iceland-111 Iceland-109 Iceland-108 Iceland-107 Iceland-106 Iceland-105




There is this romantic and black beach in the city.


A viking boat!


Heading to the countryside to find out new landscapes

Iceland-99 Iceland-98 Iceland-97 Iceland-96 Iceland-95 Iceland-94

Going to the wrong direction, we could see these landscapes that were all about solidified lava with snow in the top. This is a land of strong contrasts.



This was the scene during many hours, miles and miles away…


The way to Heaven! haha


Another day, trying to reach the last village in the seaside, but the road was flooded, so we couldn’t continue.

Iceland-87 Iceland-88 Iceland-86 Iceland-85 Iceland-84

Volcanic landscape

Iceland-83 Iceland-82

There are waterfalls everywhere!

Iceland-81 Iceland-80 Iceland-79

Frozen water in to the road’s edge

Iceland-78 Iceland-77 Iceland-76

The glacier


The ocean, the beach in the right side…


And the glacier in the left

Iceland-72 Iceland-71   Iceland-69 Iceland-67 Iceland-66 Iceland-64   Iceland-62

And I saw something in the water, in the distance, so I zoomed it and a seal was swimming. 🙂

Iceland-61 Iceland-60 Iceland-59 Iceland-58 Iceland-57 Iceland-56

This is a lake between the mountains, a few km away from the glacier

Iceland-55 Iceland-54 Iceland-53 Iceland-52 Iceland-51 Iceland-50

Clear sky, bright sunny day, let’s go and find a small waterfall surrounded by dark rocks, hidden between the mountains.


We are almost there!


1st problem: it seems like if the weather is going to change in 5 min, again! 

  Iceland-36   2nd problem: frozen way, we might be able to go down as this guy did, but how are we going to manage it to do the way back? Going up the hill with ice seems to be difficult! This man had to grab every little branch to be able to step and go up!  Iceland-35

And here we go… a snow storm!

Iceland-34 Iceland-33

Had to run away. Iceland is like this, a land of contrasts! Every five minutes the weather can change dramatically, as the landscape colours do.

Iceland-32 Iceland-31 Iceland-30 Iceland-29 Iceland-28 Iceland-27 Iceland-26

We were excited when we arrived to the biggest village after hundred km! And all what we found was this: a two streets’ village, a ghost town! Wellcome to Vík.

Iceland-25 Iceland-24 Iceland-23 Iceland-22 Iceland-21 Iceland-20 Iceland-19 Iceland-18

This is a typical Icelandic horse! Very friendly as you can see 😉

Iceland-17 Iceland-16 Iceland-12 Iceland-11

This was the volcano that paralyzed a lot of international airports in 2010




Black sand, black beaches

Iceland-8 Iceland-7 Iceland-6 Iceland-5 Iceland-4 Iceland-3   The last night we went to hunt the Aurora Borealis. Eventhough the Moon wanted to be the protagonist of the night, (it was very bright and full, it’s light was illuminating everything), we were lucky and could see the Northern Lights. I couldn’t take any pic of them, though. Pitty. We will have to go back! Iceland-2

 Hope you have enjoyed a little bit, and I do encourage you all to go and visit this wonderful country! But be careful with the Elfs, they are observing you all the time! So behave and be good lads. See ya!


7 thoughts

    1. Hola! Te va a encantar, ¡ya verás! Yo visité la zuna sur-oeste, y en cuanto tenga la oportunidad de ir en verano, volveré para visitar el norte, así veré las ballenas del Ártico y los días sin noches… 🙂 In love con este país… Disfruta mucho, gracias por tu comentario y espero ver tus fotos! 😉
      Un saludo

      1. Yo hare mas o menos también ese recorrido pero eso si las ballenas si que las hemos incluído en la ruta 🙂 Seguro que mi sensación a la vuelta es la misma que la tuya,tengo muchas ganas de que llegue ya el 26¡¡ Fotos hare millones,seguro que va a ser imposible parar jajaja.

        Un abrazo


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