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Summertime. I have visions of taking a cool dip in crystal water beaches. Swimming under water, opening my eyes and seeing fish dancing around me and the sunrays illuminating my skin. The water embraces me and lets me play with it, holding my body up to the surface while oxygen fills my lungs, caressing my hair when I dive. This is paradise. I couldn’t feel better, could I? Well… Maybe I could! If once I get back to the surface and walk through the beach the sand I could still be celebrating life like this, then it would be perfect!

HoloHolo Pinterest


OH, how lucky I am. How lucky WE are my friends, because HoloHolo swimwear has arrived! Let me introduce you a new swimwear brand which will transport you to the most beautiful beaches on earth, fill your soul with cheer and make you feel like the most powerful, gorgeous Goddess.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the founder and designer of HoloHolo, Rosemary, who despite her youth has such poise and confidence. We were intrigued by the captivating and charming way the brand is introduced on the company website so, wanting to know more, we posed the question “What is HoloHolo?” to Rosemary, to which she responded: “HoloHolo is a brand that creates Seriously Sexy Statement Swimwear for women in search of gorgeous, show-stopping designer swimwear that doesn’t play it safe. In HoloHolo swimwear you will be turning heads wherever you go.  Our debut collection is called ‘Back to Paradise’ and it’s all about showing off your back. You won’t find a HoloHolo swimwear piece that you couldn’t dazzle in from the front AND the back.

HoloHolo yellow swimsuit

Alba – Quiero ser como yo: Define HoloHolo Swimwear in 3 words

Rosemary: Sexy, fashion-forward and affordable.

A: What does HoloHolo mean?

R: “Holoholo” is the Hawaiian word for travelling for fun without a set destination, taking in life’s pleasures and having a jolly good time. Hawaiians say, “lets go holoholo” when they’re embarking on a long day at the beach or cruising around the island. Emphasis is placed on travel, enjoyment and the journey; there is no set destination or aim besides doing what we love, leisure and pleasure. This is HoloHolo’s mantra.

Let's go HoloHolo

A: Tell us a little bit about the brand history

R: The inspiration for the brand came to the designer while travelling in 2011.  After combing the beaches of Hawaii for Spring Break and hitting Miami for Winter Music festival with its decadent poolside soirees, she became transfixed with statement swimwear, practical for bathing as well as ‘glambathing’ but noticed a lack of designer brands that catered to the more price-conscious customer. “Whenever I saw girls that weren’t wearing triangle bikinis and had standout, unique pieces, they were always so pricey. I decided to do something about it”, she says. The result is our new collection of affordable and highly differentiated bikinis and swimsuits.

A: How are the pieces? What is the main characteristic that all the items have?

R: All HoloHolo swimwear is made with glossy, luxurious fabric. The styles are named after lovely ladies who have come into my life along the way, from ‘The Playful One’ bikini, which was inspired by one of my travel companions in Cuba, to my beautiful Venezuelan friend Eugenia, who was the inspiration for ‘The Bombshell’ a daring swimsuit with a dangerously plunging neckline and feminine ruffles along the front.

HoloHolo blue swimsuit

HoloHolo dancing


A: Who is the HoloHolo customer?

R: HoloHolo was made for women who believe that the purpose of swimwear greatly exceeds functionality alone and are in search of pieces, which are fashionable and unique, much like themselves. Each design has a distinctive and unexpected aspect about it, making HoloHolo swimwear perfect for the girl who wants to stand out for looking good wherever she goes. We affectionately call our HoloHolo ladies Globetrotting Goddesses. Whether they are poolside or by the beach, they stand out among the rest. However, we believe there is a bit of HoloHolo in every girl. There is always a moment when one might want to make a statement, stun, be seen, look great, feel great, show an ex what he’s missing, or just be the belle of the ball. For those moments, a plain old triangle bikini will not do.

A: You recently had a launch party in London, how did that go?

R: To celebrate the launch of our debut collection we threw a decadent Hawaiian 4th of July party. We headed opposite The Ritz to Mahiki, a hip Hawaiian bar and nightclub, which is in the heart of London’s Mayfair. Our guests were treated to some delicious tropical cocktails and a catwalk show of our sexy designs. Fashion Insider magazine covered the festivities where we were joined by bloggers, fashionistas and globetrotting goddesses in search of some unique swimwear for their next escapes to paradise. Some male models also stopped by to provide a little eye candy for the ladies. We had a blast.

HoloHolo launch party
Rosemary, the designer, in the middle, in long blue skirt. The models and herself wearing the HoloHolo swimsuit Dancer.


The Playful One bikini
The Playful One bikini

A: How are you using social media to connect with your customers?

R: We very much encourage all our customers to engage with us and share their images of themselves in their HoloHolo swimwear items. At the moment we are running a competition where our Globetrotting Goddesses can win back the full cost of their purchased items by following us and uploading their shots in their HoloHolo swimwear to our Twitter or Instagram accounts @HoloHoloSwim. We love to see our customers showcasing how great they feel in our swimwear.  We are also continuously searching for ways to inspire, amuse or just put a smile on people’s faces. Earlier this summer we took the London Undergound by storm posing in two swimsuits from the new collection, ‘The Cool One’ in orange and ‘The Chameleon’ swimsuit in yellow. We definitely turned some heads that day. The result is out there for the world to see and enjoy on our YouTube channel ( We want our customers to view HoloHolo as a one-stop destination for light-hearted playfulness and provide a full sensory experience on our social media profiles, from our array of Spotify Playlists to cater to your every mood, to a bounty of visual candy on our Pinterest boards.

A: Why did you decide to get involved in swimwear?

R: I grew up in different countries so I developed a love of travelling from an early age.  This love of travel exposed me to many beautiful, tropical climates including Hawaii, which I visited for the first time a few years back. With the endless blue waters, rainbows and breath-taking landscapes, it was love at first sight. I am a self-confessed swimwear addict and hopping between the islands of Hawaii filled me with so much inspiration. HoloHolo is my way of spreading a little of that magic I experienced with ladies everywhere.

Moodboard HoloHolo
HoloHolo inspiration:


A: Where can I buy HoloHolo Swimwear?

R:  We are in talks with several select retailers regarding expanding our reach to a wider base of customers, but 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ladies can lay their hands on beautiful HoloHolo swimwear styles at our online store Let’s go!


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